a creative community for people who parent, and those who don't

We are an online learning space dedicated to providing community to writers who parent, and people who don’t as they begin or deepen their writing practice. 


Our classes will prepare you for real-world writing. MFA programs are not accessible or desirable for every learner, especially parents who lack a strong support system. #LitLib is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive space where writers can share their unique perspectives and build their writing habit. 


Want to talk to other writers and creatives who parent that get you? Our social spaces intend do just that! We know that becoming a parent is a transition, and despite everything you see online, it doesn't end there. Find your people, listen and encourage one another. 


Nothing comes together if we aren't taking proper care of ourselves first. Find cohorts, classes and events that interest you and take part in mini challenges to stay motivated. 

….all built in our Private Membership Platform

By joining this community, you're not only investing in your own creative journey, you're also making it possible for #LitLib to reach its fullest potential and for me to sustain a life as a full-time creative. Thank you! 

I want #LitLib to be open and accessible to everyone. There are two options for membership—free and $40/monthNot everyone has the same financial situation and that is fine, but for those who can afford to support this community, we ask that you do so with a paid membership. If you would like to contribute at a lower monthly rate, due to constraints, message me privately and we'll work out plans not publicly available.